Friars Minor Renewed



The Order of Friars Minor Renewed is made up of men that have decided to come out of the world and to observe the Holy Gospel living in fraternity.
Therefore, the Institute is engaged on the line of the renewal indicated by the Second Vatican Council. We’re pilgrims who want to observe the holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, living in obedience without anything of our own, and in chastity. We want to follow in poor, humble and crucified Jesus’ footsteps and in his holy Mother. We thirst for contemplation in continuous penitence. 

We certainly identify with the obedience and filial love to the Pope and to the Roman Church. This is a foundamental aspect of our forma vitae.


We do not tray to be counted among learned man and clever, but to last people. 

Jesus, living Gospel, is the centre of our life and our fundamental wish and proposal to live the Gospel in a radical way.


In the wake of saint Francis of Assisi, we tend to relive the contemplative afflatus generously that shines in him and in his companions. 


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